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Gavin and the RBF story

After personal training for many years and spending lots of time in gyms in the area, I came to the conclusion that they are all run the same way and all share the same little problems — so I decided to create Rye Bay Fitness! A gym like no other around here.

Rye Bay Fitness is member orientated, inclusive and open to anyone at any time due to our unique 24/7 membership system. Additionally, we provide a large variety of equipment that is suited to many different styles of training. Our experienced personal trainers and staff are on-site every day and are happy to provide you with help and advice.

I am hugely passionate about this industry and I’m very proud to be able to share Rye Bay Fitness with everyone.

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24/7 access & RBF app

The Rye Bay Fitness app enables full members to access the gym 24/7.

Additionally, it allows you to book your place within group classes and our new workshops. Plus if you want a quieter workout you can see how busy the gym is.

Non-members can also sign up, pay and book classes via our new app and entry system. 

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Rye Bay Fitness has a wide range of fixed resistance machines, power racks, weight benches and dumbbells up-to 60 kg for new and advanced bodybuilders. Our cable machine also has quick weight selection for an easy drop set.

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Strongman / Strongwoman

When it comes to strongman and strongwoman training, Rye Bay Fitness has some of the best equipment around.

Gavin has competed in strongman for many years and has built up a wide collection of equipment that is ideal for both competitive and recreational athletes, which include:

  • Log press
  • Atlas stones
  • Tractor tyres
  • Weighted kegs

Functional fitness

With large spacious training areas and an extensive range of equipment, RBF has a lot to offer for functional training athletes and people who want to make their workout more interesting.

Our functional fitness facilities include:

  • Bumper plates
  • Olympic lifting platforms
  • Odd shaped weights
  • Sled
  • Battle rope
  • Punch bag

Cardio & fitness

The core and cardio zone located upstairs features:

  • Rowers
  • Treadmills
  • Cross trainers
  • Punchbag
  • Assault air bike
  • Upright ski
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Exercise plays a crucial role in improving both our physical and general well-being. By staying active we gain a whole host of benefits which include a reduced risk of many health conditions, greater mental clarity, and a better quality of sleep. Physical activity is something we should all reap the benefits from.

Whether you’re a competitive strongman, a mum after the school run or somebody enjoying retirement, we hope that you feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion whilst at RBF. Here you can build new friendships and enjoy the company of others through exercise.

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Parking & facilities

Parking on-site is free and plentiful. Access to parking at the gym after-hours is available via a 24-hour manned entry post.

You’ll find the gym has two spacious cloakrooms upstairs — giving you the privacy to change and shower after your workout, both of which now have heated towel rails and hair dryers.

The gym also features a vending machine and seating area to relax and unwind after your session.

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Rye Spin Class


We run a wide range of classes for all abilities. These are included in your membership. But booking is often essential for our more popular classes. (Just book your class via the app or online).

Our latest class is – SPIN with Kate which offers a variety of time slots that allow members to train early in the morning or late into the evening. Our new spin bikes are top of the range and use the ‘coached by colour’ system so Kate and you have instant feedback on your session.

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