New for 2022!

New for 2022 we have 7 brand new top of the range spin bikes!

Spin is a high-calorie burning class focusing on Endurance, Strength, Intervals & High-intensity workouts.

Coach by colour enhances your spin experience by using 5 coloured training zones, ensuring you’re training at the right intensity for your every workout, meaning you’ll achieve results faster. Kate will work with each group of riders during our 3 new classes.

An app can be downloaded so every workout is saved so you can track your progress, this is optional.

This is a class guaranteed to get you sweating, a towel is a must!!

These classes are very popular so please note that we have a new cancellation policy that allows all members fair access to these classes.

Booking is a must! Slots open up for booking up to 14 days in advance.

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