I agree to all of the following statements:

• I have no record of a heart condition that indicates I should restrict my physical activity.

• I have do not experience any chest pains.

• I do not have dizzy spells or lose my balance.

• I do not have any injury or orthopaedic condition that may worsen by increasing my activity levels.

• I am not taking prescription medication for high blood pressure.

• A doctor or medical professional has never told me not to increase my physical activity.

• I am under 69 years of age.

• I am over 69 years of age but I am used to being physically active.

• I do not have insulin dependant diabetes.

• I am not pregnant and there is no chance that I am pregnant.

• I agree to only use the equipment if I am completely competent in using the facilities and will seek help from a qualified member of staff if I am unsure in any way before using the equipment.

• I agree to only use the 24-hour system if I am at full health, have no minor injuries and am completely competent in using the facilities.

• I do not know of any other reason why I should not exercise or increase my physical activity.

• I acknowledge that any false information could result in the cancellation of my membership.

• I understand that Rye Bay Fitness is not liable for any accidents or injuries I may sustain whilst using their facilities and any activity I partake in is solely at my own risk.

NB: If any one these statements become untrue during the course of your membership, then you must stop using the facilities immediately and inform Rye Bay Fitness staff at your earliest convenience.