Welcome along

Before you can use the facilities on an on-demand basis you will need to register and agree to our terms.

When entering the building:

Use the keycode to gain access to RBF and use my membership card (or app) to check into RBF on every visit (failure to do so means you ARE NOT insured to be in the building)

You shall not:

  • Share the entry code with anyone else
  • Bring any other equipment into RBF
  • Take equipment out of RBF
  • Operate the shutter door at any time
  • Use the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect my ability to exercise safely.

Users agree to these following statements:

  • I have had a full induction and I am able and confident to use all equipment safely and effectively without supervision.
  • I understand that training at RBF is entirely at my own risk and I agree that RBF or Atlas Business Park have no liability for any accidents I may have whilst training here.
  • I am aware that RBF will not always have staff on site and the site is monitored at all times by CCTV.
  • I am aware that RBF accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damages to personal belongings and I bring them into the gym at my own risk.
  • My first membership card is included with my membership, any replacement cards will cost me £10.
  • I am aware that the first aid kit is located in the downstairs toilet should l ever need to use it.
  • If I use the first aid kit I will notify RBF staff immediately.
  • Smoking, including e- cigarettes are strictly prohibited in all areas of the gym.

While in the gym users agree:

• Be kind, courteous and respectful to all other members of the club.
• Put all equipment away after use.
• Only use the equipment for its intended use, demonstrated and explained to me during my induction.
• Keep toilets and showers clean, and clean up any spillages.
• Only use the emergency exit ladder in an emergency.
• Clean sweat and water off of machinery after use with my own towel.
• Seek advice from RBF staff If I am unsure how to use any equipment, before I use it.
• Report any issues to RBF staff at my earliest opportunity.
• Keep all walkways clear of bags, belongings and equipment and wear suitable clothing. Work boots, jeans and flips flops are not permitted.

Whilst using the gym when it is unmanned - users will:

• Turn off power, the sound system, water and lights after I have finished using the facilities.
• Put all equipment away after use.

While the covid pandemic is present users will:

  • Wash hands fully on entry to the gym.
  • Clean equipment before and after use with towels and cleaning spray provided.
  • Not use the gym if they believe they could be infected and be asymptomatic of covid-19
  • Not use the gym if they believe they have been told to by the authorities.
  • Book a slot using the app and only using the gym when the numbers permit.

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