What our members say

Tom Jones
Member since 2018

“Always a positive atmosphere in the Gym, which is a refreshing change from the gyms I’ve been to in the past. Gavin truly looks out for every member, and is always on hand if you ever need anything. Couldn’t recommend Rye Bay Fitness highly enough.”

Sarah B
Member since 2018

“As a female, gyms can be quite intimidating but Rye Bay Fitness is so welcoming and friendly down to every member you come into contact with. There is so much support towards achieving your goals whether you choose the group classes, PT sessions with Gav or even just a friendly chat down on the floor. AND its 24/7 access with free parking!”

Ka Fredo
Member Since 2019

“Excellent new gym in Rye. Great equipment and the owner who’s an experienced personal trainer is friendly and on site all day. Free parking and open 24/7 for members.”

Stevie Sharp
Member Since 2020

“Been going to this gym for about a month now and I’m absolutely loving it! I have never ever been into fitness but this place has completely changed that, I can’t get enough. Would recommend gav and this gym to absolutely anyone!”

Hati Elizabeth Cole
Member since 2019

“Rye Bay Fitness is hands down the best gym I’ve ever been to! Not only is it a great space to train in, but it is so welcoming and relaxed. The people I have met through going to the gym, have all become such great friends and training with them that it feels like one big family! For someone that used to have such huge anxiety about “going to the gym” I have experienced nothing but a welcome atmosphere and lovely people there. I would HIGHLY recommend Gav, and Rye Bay Fitness!”

Scott King
Member since 2020

“I recommend this gym to anyone. Gavin is very helpful there when ever u need him or help. Had a fantastic atmosphere. Five star all day long.”

Alex Sarkies
Member since 2019

“Great gym, good equipment and Gav is always happy to go that extra mile to help. Best gym in the area in my opinion and it being 24/7 suits everyone.

Would highly recommend.”

Verity Langrish
Member since 2019

“The best gym I’ve ever been to! Excellent equipment, clean and well looked after. So many friendly people. I love that it’s 24 hour 7 days a week plus set classes, makes it so flexible. Gav the owner is approachable and looks after all of his members. Definitely recommend.”

Angus Archie Gould
Member since 2019

“Great gym, friendly atmosphere, open 24/7. A real addition to Rye.”

Alicia Philpott
Member since 2018

“Exercises classes here are brilliant way to tone up etc in an extremely fun, energetic and supportive way! GAV and members here have now given me confidence to now train alone!! Aswell as in a group workout 👍. Gym itself is fully equipped and always so very clean and welcoming!”

Elliott Middleton
Member since 2019

“Great equipment, great atmosphere, great staff. Upstairs area is matted; ideal for activities such as martial arts or yoga. Reasonable rates. Best facilities for miles, and it’s 24h.”

Josh Coat
Member since 2018

“Amazing gym and amazing people it’s just a great place to be and has an amazing atmosphere!”

Annabel Turner
Member since 2018

“First visit today at Rye bay fitness. What a great gym, good layout with everything thing you need for a good workout. Will definitely be returning 💪👍